Gear Checklist

Dive Gear Checklist

Whether you're heading out for a two-day or two-week diving excursion, having the correct equipment can make all the difference, and helps to make your dive vacation the best it can be. Forgetting some key piece of gear, or even some handy replacement parts (fin straps, mask strap, o-rings, etc), can stress -- and in some cases ruin -- any dive outing.

What you'll find on this page is meant to be a reference you can use prior to leaving on your dive vacation. This list is by no means the final word in required dive gear. You'll probably find you like to bring certain other things, and not bring some of the things on the "handy stuff to have" list. This gear checklist should, however, be a good general reference for most divers.

Dive Gear You Need

Gear Bag 
Exposure Suit 
Dive Computer
Dive Tables 
Dive Knife 
Weight Belt (If your BC does have an integrated wt. system)
Dive Gloves 
Dive Boots 
Diver Certification Card 
Dive Logbook

Handy Stuff To Have

Spare Fin Straps and Buckles 
Spare Mask Strap 
Replacement O-rings 
Mask Defogger 
Motion Sickness Remedy 
Spare Batteries 
Tank Lights 
Diver's First Aid Kit 
Nasal Decongestant 
Sun Screen spf 30+ (waterproof)

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