Directions to San Carlos

Driving Directions to San Carlos Mexico

Destination: San Carlos, Mexico

From Tucson: Take Interstate 10 to Interstate 19.

Take I-19 south. You will pass Green Valley, Tubac, and Rio Rico.

Take Exit #4 "Border Truck Route 89 South" (approx 60-minute trip). Turn right onto Mariposa Road. Food, and bathrooms are available at Carl's Junior. Reset your odometer to zero now. Please note that gas is cheaper in Mexico. Gas is approximately $2.85 gal (7.1 pesos per liter) for Magna (Green), so we suggest topping off your tank after crossing into Mexico. Note that a supply of dollar bills and/or Mexican pesos will speed you through the toll booths.

Turn right on Mariposa Road and continue to the border. 
2.5 miles

Cross without stopping unless requested and proceed uphill on new toll road. Pay toll of 39 pesos (approx $3.70). 
Distance From Border = 8.0 miles

Drive through first checkpoint without stopping unless requested.

Red light and buzzer means pull into parking area for random check.

If you get a red light, don't panic. The Mexican Customs Official will inspect your vehicle and cargo. Smile and be cooperative, they are nice people.

Proceed on toll road to "21K Checkpoint". You should stop here and get a visa. Then simply go to the lane "Nothing To Declare" and pass through another the red/green light.

Drive to the Custom's Inspection area where you will choose one of the following options: Declaration of merchandise to be imported OR Activation of the Fiscal Control Light. If you have no merchandise to declare, you will take the left line, where you will encounter another red light/green light.

If you get a red light, you will have to stop your car and have it inspected.

If you get a green light, or after the inspection, you may proceed to your destination.

Stay on the main road marked "Cuota" (toll road). Pay 19 pesos (approx $1.80) toll outside the town of Magdalena. There are bathrooms and food here. This is Mexico Highway 15 to Santa Ana. 
Distance From Border = 43.0 miles

Continue south on Highway 15 to next toll station. Pay 58 pesos toll (approx $5.50). 
Distance From Border = 160.5 miles

Proceed south to Hermosillo. At the first Hermosillo stoplight turn LEFT. (There is a Pemex station on one corner and the old Sonora Motors Chevrolet dealership (now out of business) on the other.) Follow the road signs to Guaymas. 
Distance From Border = 160.9 miles

Follow surface streets through town. You will reach a second stoplight. Continue straight through the light. Pass a park, a dam, and prison. Shortly after the prison the road will fork. Stay right and proceed to stoplight. 
Distance From Border = 175.9 miles

Turn left at stoplight. (There is a Pemex station on the right corner, and San Sabastian Hotel the left corner.)You're back on Highway 15. Proceed south to San Carlos.

Pass a large Pemex station in the center of divided highway. 
Distance From Border = 225.7 miles

Stay to the right. Take the San Carlos turn-off to the right. 
Distance From Border = 249.3 miles

Red brick road into town is lined with palm trees. The speed limit is enforced for the last 15-20 miles even if the bricks don't slow you down. 
Distance From Border = 252.6 miles

At the 3-way junction, turn left, drive 1 block to the Marina Terra Hotel,which will be on your right. 
Distance From Border = 256.5 miles

There is ample parking around the hotel.

You may go directly to the front desk to check into your room. The hotel will have a list of all Desert Divers guests. The room has been paid for by Desert Divers; however you will be responsible for any incidental charges, such as phone calls, room service, etc. Pay these charges at checkout. Occasionally, a guest's name may not appear on the list. If this should occur, please don't be alarmed; we can easily resolve it. The hotel will ask for a credit card from you to secure the room. They won't actually charge your card at that time. Please notify one of the Desert Divers staff, and we will work with the hotel to resolve the situation.

Welcome to San Carlos - you made it!
Prepare for a great vacation experience!

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