A Short Introductory Story. By Sheree


Hi all! This is the start of an exciting new section dedicated to tips, how to guides, travel blogs and other fun stories. Please let us know what you think.

To kick things off here is a little glimpse into my monkey brain...

Terrigal Haven, New South Wales, Australia.

Driving to and from my office every day I went past a dive shop and every time I drove past, the exact same words came across my mind "I should stop in and ask about getting certified". Finally it was the middle of winter when I stopped in - who knows why I picked this time of the year?! Maybe for the discounted price? Because every woman LOVES a sale!

Next thing I know I am doing theory wearing a tracksuit wondering how in the world I am going to manage floundering around in a pool doing skills (which was heated) and then…. The non-heated ocean… *shiver*

Getting in was definitely fresh but once the underwater world opened up to me everything else just faded away. The dive location was perfect for my wide eyes and rapid heavy breathing. Affectionate port Jackson sharks, a nonchalant sea turtle and some curious fish were enough to distract me from thinking I had to get to the surface for air.

It was then that I became addicted to underwater breathing and feeling like a graceful mermaid (far from feeling like that on land haha).

For those that may find themselves in Sydney Australia, have a day to burn and want to get their gills wet - there is also a wreck dive in the same area known as the HMAS Adelaide.


I didn't get to dive this but is on the list should I return to that part of my homeland again.

Leaving bubbles,  Sheree.

Port Jackson Shark: Found in Australia from Southern Queensland down to Tasmania around to the southwest coast of Western Australia - also observed in New Zealand.

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